Qigong or "Life Energy Cultivation" is the practice of aligning breath, movement, awareness, healing, and meditation into a synergistic health practice. It is comprised of ancient Chinese exercises designed to enhance one's health and longevity. Qigong exercises, combined with deep breathing and gentle movements, can reduce stress, boost one's energy and enhance the immune system, thereby improving one's overall health.

Integrative Qigong is designed to add the practice of qigong to an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Who are we

Integrative Qigong and Tai Chi is affiliated with Grandmaster Tony Yang's Wu Tang Center in Ohio.

Tony Yang began his training in Taiwan at the age of six. As he progressed in his training, he learned various health practices from Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-I, and Baji. Master Yang has taught at 5 colleges on Taiwan and was a teacher for the Chinese Acrobats of Taiwan for four years. He was also an instructor to the Nationalist Chinese bodyguards for the president of Nationalist China. Upon coming to the United States, Master Yang settled in Canton, Ohio where he began teaching and still teaches today. Master Yang is the Ohio Chairman of the United States Traditional Kung Fu Wushu Federation.

Joe Mullin is a student of Master Yang and has been practicing Chinese martial arts and their health practices for 40 years. He has had several teachers to include Robert Smith, Wu Hsueh Wei and Tony Yang. 

Benefits of Integrative Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Qigong will benefit people of all ages and physical conditions. Proper practice induces relaxation and the massage of one's internal organs and endocrine system by reducing tension, assisting organs to function better, and to boost energy.

QiGong Students